• Refraction is the process of determining your eyeglass or contact lens prescription. This vision test is an examination that tests your ability to see an object at a specific distance. Refraction is the part of your comprehensive eye exam that determines the lens power you need to compensate for any refractive error (nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism). 

    Eyes will naturally try to focus on items you are trying to see, so you may not notice yourself straining to see something properly. If you get frequent headaches, neck aches, or seem to be squinting often, you are probably having to try too hard to focus your eyes. This means you need a new prescription for your glasses.  We can adjust your existing frames, put in replacement lenses that are your most current prescription, or give you a new look with new frames.  Your choice.

  • Using Outdated Prescription Lenses Causes Eyestrain

    Though you may be able to see okay with your current eyeglasses, if you are using an outdated prescription, you may be causing yourself undue eyestrain. Prescriptions change subtly over time, so while you may believe that you’re seeing everything perfectly, you are probably actually having to unconsciously strain your eyes to see adequately.

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