• CONCIERGE PERSONAL PATIENT EYEWEAR SERVICE: Keeping Everyone Comfortable, Safe and Healthy

    Hoping to find you healthy and safe. With the end of this pandemic starting to turn in our rear-view mirror, we have struggled and continue to strive for more normalcy in life. It has been a long road. We appreciate all your good wishes and understanding during this trying time.

    We understand these are difficult and confusing times. We want to keep our patients and team safe. We are following the CDC and state guidelines to ensure everyone's safety.  We want you to feel comfortable and safe. 

    Some of the measures we implemented are:

    1. Wohl Optics staff wears masks covering nose and mouth.
    2. Sanitize touched areas between patients.
    3. All optician visits are by appointment only.  We want only one family at a time and you get individualized, personalized attention and the run of the entire optical shop.

    We continue to be fastidious with our cleaning and sanitizing protocols between patients and greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation through all of these times! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Otherwise, rest assured, we are ready to serve you and our local communities.

    We truly value our relationships with you. We are confident that we will get through this together and wish everyone the best during this difficult time. 

  • In-Shop Comfort, Health and Safety Protocols at Wohl Optics 2021

    1. Since we have had such a positive response, Wohl Optics will be keeping the “appointment only.” You get the run of the shop to yourself. With the size of our dispensary, I found that most people enjoy not having strangers nearby as we go over your personal vision needs and while you try on new frames. Enjoy having the store to yourself as you shop for frames at your will. All frames are masterfully measured, fit and adjusted by hand.
    2. We are extremely cautious, continuously sanitizing our hands, chairs, doorknobs, tables, equipment, and frames. That includes anywhere everyone's hands may go including surfaces, eyewear, restroom and more. It is labor-intensive because all frames patients try on need to be decontaminated. All high-contact surfaces are cleaned frequently throughout the day and a deep clean is performed every week for your safety and health protection.
    3. Everyone at Wohl Optics is totally vaccinated for Covid-19 and we will continue following all CDC guidelines.  However, staff will wear mask to ensure your comfort and health.
    4. We see patients by appointment only for personalized one-on-one VIP customer service. That means you will still receive our top-notch expertise, but without the worry of another person near you at the time of purchase or pick up. You will enjoy the eyewear selection process safely with personalized service.
    5. Because everything will be done by appointment ONLY, we will have floating hours to accommodate patients. Tell us what works best for your schedule. When you arrive in our parking lot, please call us at (215) 443-7706.
    6. Because we have determined that catering to your individual needs privately and without interruption makes a much more enjoyable and low-key environment, the phones are no longer an interruption. All calls are taken at an outside location. This allows Doug Wohl to focus entirely on your needs with as little disruption as possible.
    7. Although we see you by appointment, our hours have been extended to accommodate your schedules. Typically, we can see you the same day you call and 99% of the time, there should be no waiting.
    8. All staff will protect you by wearing face masks. Masks are worn to add further protection against the spread of COVID-19, flu and other illnesses that may be present.
    9. Each pair of eyeglass frames is cleaned and disinfected after being touched before replaced on display. We do this not only for Covid-19 safety measures, but also for the far less nefarious disease and flu strains that may be out there.
    10. Wohl Optics staff will remove eyewear from displays for you to try on; this will reduce any contamination on displays. We will ensure every pair of eyewear is completely sanitized BEFORE you try them on. Glasses you do not choose to purchase will be placed in a separate bin for thorough disinfection before placed back on displays.
  • Keeping Everyone Safe and Healthy

    We ask that you notify us prior to your appointment if you have any of the symptoms listed below to reschedule your appointment. We will make every effort to reschedule patients as soon as they are well. Please note that if these criteria apply, you will not be permitted into our office so we can ensure a clean and safe environment.

    • Diagnosed with COVID-19 or been in close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19.
    • Experienced a cough, fever, or shortness of breath in the last 2 weeks and/or lost your sense of taste of smell.

    We have once again restocked our frames with beautiful independent lines that we selected for you to have the best quality and price, as opposed to brand names. All Covid-19 Updates will be on our Facebook page as well as here on our Web site. 

    Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns. Email is the fastest way to reach me because our shop hours are flexible to accommodate you, but I have set up an emergency mobile phone 267-987 9794 for you to text me. I am here for you.

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