• Selecting Eyeglass Frames

    Selecting eyeglass frames is not easy for most people. 

    • Do you want a bold or subtle frame? 
    • Do you like modern lines or a retro look? 
    • Where will you be wearing your new frames? 
    • What colors work best with your skin color and hair tones? 
    • What is the shape of your face? 
    • Do you like your current frames? 
    • Do your frames fit your face? 

    Searching for the perfect pair of eyeglasses?  Eyeglasses are as unique as each patient we see. Finding the best frame is closely related to the kind of lenses that are ideal for your needs. Talk with Wohl Optics experts regarding lens materials and lens designs before starting your frame selection. Let's discuss anti-reflective coatings and UV blocking since they can improve the appearance and performance of your prescription.

    Be aware that although many frames may appear to be similar, most are specifically designed for particular kinds of prescriptions to give you the best vision outcome. This is when an experienced optician is absolutely necessary.   Doug Wohl is highly skilled and an expert in fitting your eyewear and will be able to hone in quickly on the eyeglasses that are most suitable and comfortable for you.

  • How To Determine the Best Frame for You

    1. What is your Face Shape?   See Frame Guide - How to Choose the Best Glasses for your Face Shape
    2. What is your Face Size?
    3. What is your Skin Tone or Coloring?
    4. What is your Lifestyle?
    5. Do the Frames Fit Your Personality?

    Design, material and treatments are the three components that make up a pair of prescription lenses. It is important to select the right combination of these elements for your particular visual needs and to always consult your eye care professional.

    When choosing a frame, the shape and size of the frame should enhance the color of your eyes, complement your skin tone and play up the best features of your face shape.  With all the choices available, the experience can be daunting without the right guidance. 

  • Why Frame Fit is Most Important

    The style of the glasses you choose will help you look your best.  However, eyeglass frame FIT is most important for your best vision.  It is imperative that you try on frames before buying. Ordering online could be an expensive mistake.  Is the bridge wide enough for you?  Will the frames work with a progressive lens?  Will the frames slide off your nose easily?  Do the glasses hurt your ears?  There are consequences to a poorly selected frame and lens.  Eyeglasses are a CUSTOM product with decades of technology put into every custom pair you are fitted by a real live optician.

  • Frame Fit Guidelines

    • Frames should be wide enough for your face and not too snug on sides of your head.
    • The edges of your eyeglasses should extend beyond the sides of your face. This ensures that the temples won’t press in on your head as they rest on your ears.
    • The curves at the end of each temple should go past your ear without pushing down on it. If they don’t, then the temples aren’t long enough.
    • The built-in nose piece or silicone nose pads should fit comfortably and firmly, without pinching the bridge of your nose. Silicone nose pads can generally be adjusted.
    • Your glasses should be able to stay in place when you move your head. Bend over to touch the floor. Make sure that your glasses don’t slip off.
  • Most people need more than one pair of glasses, such as one for everyday wear, computer eyeglasses, reading glasses and another for outdoor activities. Having different style frames for different activities and moods makes wearing glasses fun.

    If owning one pair of glasses is enough for you, then choose frames that you love and feel good about no matter what you’re wearing or where you go. These eyeglasses will be on your face constantly, so take your time and pick a style that fits your unique personality and vision requirements. 

  • Eyeglass Fit is the Most Important Part of Looking your Best and your Best Vision

    • Glasses that do not fit properly can look out of place and detract from your appearance.
    • Glasses with a poor fit are uncomfortable; they press uncomfortably against your ears, slide down your nose, and fall off or pinch the bridge of your nose. I have seen so many people wearing distance glasses at the tip of their nose.
    • When your glasses are uncomfortable, you are not going to wear them as often as you should. And if you are not wearing your glasses as prescribed, you are putting your vision at risk, and possibly your safety and the safety of those around you.
    • If your glasses do not fit as they should, they may not be correcting your vision properly. We particularly like C-ZONE frames for their comfort, lightweight materials and modern designs for that face-friendly fit. C-ZONE is designed and created in the Netherlands - on trend urban innovation uniquely hand crafted for every face! You can be cool and make a fashion statement with a frame that expresses who you are.  This is particularly important for bifocals and progressive lenses.
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