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  • Personalized Service for Vision and Eye Health for over 20 Years

    Wohl Optics Vision Care - Veteran owned and operated since 1999, best full service optical center in Bucks County, PA serving the tri-state areas of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware.  After 25 years as a certified optician, Doug Wohl will make certain that your prescription lenses are done correctly, your contact lenses fit properly and you experience natural vision. 

    PRODUCTS:  Anti-Reflective Coating, Bifocals, Children's Eyewear, Digital Lenses, Glass Lenses, Lenses Duplicated, Men’s Frames, Plastic Lenses, Polarized Lenses, Polycarbonate Lenses, Progressive Lenses, Reading Glasses, Safety Eyewear, Sports Eyewear, Thin Lenses, Transitions, Trifocal, Trivex, Women’s Frames

    RANGE OF OPTICAL SERVICES:  Vision and eye exams by our in-house Optometrist,  contact lens exams and fittings, vision refraction, glaucoma testing.


    Wohl Optics (pronounced Wall Optics) changed our look, our frames and our lens lab capacity. We are your independent, local optical store and in-house optometrist. See clearly and save money at the same time. Stop paying for advertisements and Mall rents, when you can use that money for quality and service!

    • Rebuilt optical boutique from the inside out.
    • Brought in the latest, quality independent frame lines that ensure you receive value instead of paying big company advertising fees and mall rents.
    • Doubled in-store lab inventory stock to include most single vision replacementlenses.

    The Wohl Optics Difference

    The Wohl Optics Difference - personalized service for your vision and eye health for over 20 years. Only an experienced eye care professional can provide you with a proper fit for your eye wear. Only an experienced optician or eye care professional can take accurate measurements for the proper alignment of your eyeglass lenses. We take the time and care to assure you are getting the proper prescription by doing a final inspection of your product.

    Wohl Optics' Bucks County, PA off-site optical lens lab gives patients flexibility that other vision centers cannot. Wohl Is unlike most retail stores, online businesses or chain stores because of their extensive experience with all new lens technologies as well as decades of training and knowledge manufacturing, repairing and finishing all things optical-related. 

    We have a full range of budget friendly frame and lenses, second pair incentives for a different look for a different mood or an occupational pair of eyewear. Specializing in custom made music, computer and work eyewear, safety eyewear and in house finishing you do not need to deal with a middle man anymore.

    Our higher end frames are made from Mazzucchelli Zyl, which many in the optical field consider some of the highest quality acetate, exclusively made by hand in Italy. We find this material not only superior in strength and durability, but the added benefit of an easier fitting material which stays in adjustment longer than the less expensive Zyl or plastic frames.

    Comprehensive Vision Care - See Wohl Optics for the latest in contact lenses, as well as an extensive selection of stylish, affordable eyeglass frames and sunglass deals carrying frames from budget to designer.  Wohl works with all budgets. What is not in stock is gladly special ordered. Constantly updating  frame collection to bring patients the most fashionable and current frames at the best possible prices.

    Glasses are custom crafted and fit by Doug Wohl. No other optical center offers this degree of precision and personalized attention. Direct consultation from the person who is not only going to be consulting, but also designing, manufacturing and dispensing your eye wear.

    Unsurpassed prescription accuracy no matter what your needs. If you have had difficulty getting a prescription that works for you, contact us.  Wohl Optics approach to your vision care is comprehensive. Personable and professional, we unite old fashioned patient care with modern technology and medicine to provide you with the very best eye care.

    Accepts Most Major Vision Insurance Plans

    Exclusive Hero Discounts

    Military, Veterans, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Ambulance, First Responders (not combined with insurance or other discounts)

  • Importance of Highly Skilled Optician

    Opticians are highly skilled eye care professionals who undergo rigorous and extensive training to fulfill education and practice competencies in Opticianry.  To make sure you see well and easily, all ophthalmic lenses require precise measurements to be taken from your face and eyes, and the results must be accurately transferred to the eye wear. This is not a simple task; should your Registered Optician make a mistake as little as 1 millimetre you may not be able to use your new eye wear.

    Some lenses are specifically made for people of different ages, and even some that are made to allow for a person's posture and even eye and head movement.

    Remember that your Registered Optician is highly trained to provide you with choices from the simplest aspect of corrective lenses to the most complicated. While style is important, don't confuse style with expert lens advice.

  • Wohl Optics Benefits
    • If you have frames that need replacement lenses or need eyeglass repair, come on in.  If you are a distance, send them in; we can help you with a mail order. 
    • We will special order any frames for you and are happy to accommodate you.
    • Owner oversees every pair of eye wear that leaves the office.
    • When it comes to eyeglasses, we know that design, material and treatments are the three components that make up a pair of prescription lenses. It is important to select the right combination of these elements for your particular visual needs and to always consult an eye care professional.  We know it is a daunting task. The knowledgeable staff at Wohl Optics will consider long-term wearing comfort, style, features and function when suggesting a new pair of quality eyeglasses. The eyeglasses become as unique as you.
    • Your prescription is just the start. You need someone you trust who will recommend the type of lens that fits your visual and liflestyle needs, and performs the proper measurements; someone who can help you select a frame style that enhances your features and fits your fashion sense as well as your budget.
    • Free maintenance for the lifetime of your eye wear including, but not limited to, nose pad and screw replacement, temple and frame front realignment custom to the wearer and cleaning of residue buildup from your skin or other material. 
    • We want you coming in every few months, even if there is no apparent problem. We will straighten, tighten and diagnose if there are problem areas or things that will avoid future problems.