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    Wohl Optics Vision and Eye Care - Veteran owned and operated, provides expert guidance on lenses, eyeglasses, sunglasses, contacts, and vision care for over 20 years. We are experts in the latest lens techniques and friendly, personalized care for patients is our number-one priority.  Our goal is to help you achieve and maintain the most clear vision possible at the best price.

    SERVICES:  Our services range from comprehensive eye care to fitting you with prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses to meet your individual needs.

    PRODUCTS: Budget and Designer Frames for men, women and children, High Definition Lenses, Bifocals, Digital Lenses, Glass Lenses, Plastic Lenses, Polarized Lenses, Polycarbonate Lenses, Progressive Lenses, Reading Glasses, Safety Eyewear, Sports Eyewear, Thin Lenses, Transitions, Trifocal, Trivex

    IN-HOUSE OPTOMETRIST provides comprehensive eye health and vision exams.

  • Accept Most Major Vision Insurance Plans

    Exclusive Hero Discounts:  Military, Veterans, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Ambulance, First Responders (not combined with insurance or other discounts)

  • Personal Service for Vision and Eye Health

    Wohl Optics Difference

    Whether you're looking for new stylish frames or have questions about the latest technology in lenses, we're here to offer personal and detailed advice. At Wohl Optics, quality is our tradition. Our experienced staff along with the comprehensive services we provide, will bring your eyewear experience to a level that will exceed your expectations.

    When it comes to clear vision, buying a pair of glasses "off the rack" just doesn't cut it - especially since each individual customer has unique requirements. For that reason, at Wohl Optics we understand the importance of providing our patients with personal, professional and detailed advice. We're here to help you with our many years of experience and the extensive range of services we offer.

    If you have been thinking of ordering eyeglasses online, please think again. Prescription fit is the most important part of vision.

    Making an individual pair of glasses requires a number of work steps that are still traditionally done by hand today to ensure quality. Wohl Optics will personally grind your lenses in our workshop. We carry out the repairs right here at our office to ensure you are guaranteed long-lasting satisfaction with your finished glasses.

    • Personal service for your vision and eye health in our community for over 20 years.  Personable and professional, we unite old-fashioned patient care with modern technology and medicine to provide you with the very best eye care.
    • Unsurpassed prescription accuracy no matter what your needs, especially if you have had a hard time getting an eyeglass prescription that works for you.
    • Second pair DEAL incentives for a different look, mood, or use, e.g., computer glasses, music eyewear, readers, etc.
    • Experienced eye care professionals provide you with proper fit for your eye wear taking accurate measurements for proper alignment of your eyeglass lenses. Extensive experience with all new lens technologies, as well as decades of training and knowledge manufacturing, repairing and finishing all things optical-related. 
    • Optical lens lab gives patients flexibility that other vision centers cannot. No need to deal with a middle man anymore.
    • Extensive collection of all types of eyewear - budget friendly frames and lenses.  Stylish, affordable eyeglass frames and sunglass deals - frames from budget to designer.  Wohl works within all budgets. What is not in stock is gladly special ordered. We are constantly updating  frame collections to bring you the most fashionable, current frames at great prices.
    • Higher end frames made from Mazzucchelli Zyl, considered the highest quality acetate, exclusively made by hand in Italy. We find this material not only superior in strength and durability, but the added benefit of an easier fitting material which stays in adjustment longer than the less expensive Zyl or plastic frames.
    • Glasses are custom crafted and fit by Doug Wohl. No other optical center offers this degree of precision and personalized attention. You consult directly with the person who is designing, making and dispensing your eye wear.
  • BUSINESS UPDATE  Wohl Optics (pronounced Wall Optics) changed our look, our frames and our lens lab capacity. We are your independent, local optical store and in-house optometrist. See clearly and save money at the same time. Stop paying for advertisements and Mall rents, when you can use that money for quality and service!

    • Rebuilt optical boutique from the inside out.
    • Brought in the latest, quality independent frame lines that ensure you receive value instead of paying big company advertising fees and mall rents.
    • Doubled in-store lab inventory stock to include most single vision replacement lenses.
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