• Guidelines for Contacts Wear

    Regardless of the contact type you decide on, proper care of your lenses is essential to eye health.

    1. Always wash and thoroughly dry your hands before handling contact lenses.
    2. Follow strict hygiene guidelines if you wear contacts. That will lower your chances of corneal infections related to their use.
    3. Don’t sleep with contact lenses in, even if they’re FDA approved for it. This habit greatly raises your risk of cornea infections.
    4. Put on your contact lenses before applying makeup.
    5. Remove the contacts before removing makeup.
    6. Rinse your contact lens case regularly with fresh solution — do not use water.
    7. Always, keep your empty contact case open to air dry.
    8. Replace your contact case regularly, at least every three months.
    9. Before handling contact lenses, wash your hands with soap and water, then rinse and dry them with a lint-free towel.
    10. Contact lenses should not be rinsed with or stored in water.
    11. Wear and replace contact lenses according to the schedule prescribed by your eye care professional.
    12. Follow the specific contact lens cleaning and storage guidelines from your eye care professional and the solution manufacturer.
    13. During cleaning, rub your contact lenses with your fingers, then rinse the lenses with solution before soaking them. This rub and rinse method is considered a superior method of cleaning, even if the solution you are using is a no-rub variety.
    14. Do not transfer contact lens solution into smaller travel-size containers. This will affect the sterility of the solution leading to an eye infection.
    15. Do not allow the tip of the solution bottle to come in contact with any surface, and keep the bottle tightly closed when not in use.
    16. If you store your contacts in the case for an extended period of time, consult the instructions for the lenses or the contact lens solution to determine if re-disinfecting the lenses is appropriate before you wear them. Never wear your lenses after storage for 30 or more days without re-disinfecting.
    17. Any eye drops, even nonprescription ones, can interact with all types of contact lenses.
    18. As with any prescription, contact lens prescriptions do expire — typically within one year. You should see your eye care professional yearly to ensure they continue to have an accurate and appropriate prescription. These regular exams are also important opportunities for reinforcing proper lens care.
    19. Beware of decorative lenses, such as those often sold at costume shops. These lenses have the potential to damage eyes permanently.
  • Guidelines for Contacts Care - DO

    1. DO check to see if lens is inside out.
    2. DO remove and insert the same lens first. "Pick right or left and stick with it"
    3. DO wash and rinse hands well before handling contact lenses.
    4. DO clean and disinfect after each wearing with fresh disinfecting solution.
    5. DO keep a lens case and lubricating drops with you at all times.
    6. DO keep your nails trimmed to avoid damaging lenses.
    7. DO keep your storage case clean.
    8. DO put make-up on AFTER inserting contact lenses.
    9. DO put re-wetting drops in eye with contacts on at least 4 times a day to keep contact lens moist. Re-wetting becomes especially important while doing a lot of near work due to decrease in blink rate. Air conditioning and heating will also dry out contact lenses. If dryness becomes severe, take lenses out, clean and rinse. If dryness persists, call Wohl Optics.
    10. DO keep a pair of eyeglasses in case of eye problems and keep a spare pair of contact lenses especially for trips.
  • Guidelines for Contacts Care - DO NOT

    1. DO NOT handle a dried-out contact lens until you have placed solution on it and it is hydrated.
    2. DO NOT handle contact lenses after handling foods such as onions, jalapeno's or other aromatic foods, if you can smell them on your hands, these could be transferred to your contact causing them to be irritating. Wash your hand very well after handling these items.
    3. DO NOT let your fingernails touch lenses.
    4. DO NOT over-wear your lenses. Recommended wearing time is 12-14 hours daily for soft lenses and 12-16 hours daily for RGP lenses.
    5. DO NOT put medications (Visine, Murine) in your eyes while you are wearing your lenses. If you do use medications, wait 15 minutes before you insert your lenses.
    6. DO NOT rinse soft lenses with tap water or bottled water. Gas Permeable rigid lenses can be rinsed with cool tap water.
    7. DO NOT soak contact lenses in saline alone. Soak in a disinfecting solution.
    8. DO NOT swim in contact lenses. Goggles are helpful, but lenses might still wash out.
    9. DO NOT use disinfecting solution or saline more than one time. Always use fresh solutions daily.
    10. DO NOT use soaps that contain lotions, creams or perfumes. We recommend Neutrogena soap.
    11. DO NOT sleep or nap in daily wear lenses. If you accidentally fall asleep, flush your eyes with saline or lubricating drops for several minutes before removing lenses.
    12. DO NOT wet your lenses with saliva.
    13. DO NOT use hair spray around your contacts.
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