• The right frame shape complements your face shape be it square, oval, oblong, round, heart shaped, base down triangle, or diamond-like. There are frames for all types of face shapes. Our opticians will guide you to the right shape so that you do not walk away disappointed. We all want to look our best in our eyeglasses. 

  • Frames for Oval Shape Face

    Oval faces are well balanced, with a gently curved jawline that is slightly narrower than the forehead. Cheekbones are generally high.

    • Oval is a versatile face shape with features that can work with a variety of frames.
    • Ovals biggest downfall is a frame that is too small or too large, throwing off the natural balance of your face.
    • Avoid glasses with dramatic features that can throw off your naturally-balanced proportions.
    • Dramatic colors do well for oval face shapes.
  • Oblong Face Shape Eyeglasses

    Oblongs look great in tall frames like aviators that balance out the length of the face. People with oblong facial shapes typically benefit most from tall glasses frames that can offset their facial length.

    • Aviator frames
    • Square frames
    • Avoid Rectangular or Cat Eyed frames
  • Glasses for Round Shape Face

    With a round face, look for frames that add angles for your most flattering look. Avoid round frames; go for rectangles, squares, or aviators.

    • Angular and geometric glasses frames add some sharper, more distinct lines to your face, creating balance. When it comes to frames, the rounder your face is, the more angular your glasses should be. 
    • Rounds also play well with frames that have a slight up-sweep at the corners to show off those great cheeks and brings focus to your eyes.  Remember cat-eye frames? They are in style now.
    • Strong shapes like cat-eyes and wrapped shields will look great on you 
  • Glasses for Square Face Shape

    Square face shapes have a prominent jawline and angular features. 

    • Your angular features can be softened with curved, round or thin frames that are slightly wider than your cheekbones, but boxy or tall eye wear should be avoided.
  • Glasses for Heart Shape Face

    Heart shape faces have broad forehead and jawlines tapered to a defined narrow chin, known for their soft features.

    • You will look good with chic frames that are wider at the bottom, light colored or rimless.
    • To balance your heart face shape, try bottom-heavy, oval or rimless frames that are wider than your forehead to broaden the appearance of your chin.
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