• Occupational Eyeglasses

    How do you use your eyes when working? Based on your lifestyle and work, you may find that occupational eyeglasses give you the best vision.

    Occupational eyeglasses, also known as workspace progressives, are relatively new. They are designed to supplement your standard progressives, providing more comfort and visual clarity in special situations at work or at home. When wearing standard progressives, you will may find the small reading and computer zones in the lens frustrating.

    Occupational Eyeglasses allow you to have both a clearer and more comfortable pair of glasses for specific tasks like extended reading.  computer use, golfing, or hobbies However, you will still use your standard progressives when you need longer distance vision.

  • A staggering 70% of office workers complain of neck or back pain. Wearing the wrong glasses may result in unnatural head movements and straining to see the computer screen or pages of text. Ordinary reading glasses do not offer sufficient width and depth of vision.

  • Occupational Lenses

    Standard single vision lenses probably will not give you the best vision in your occupation, sport or hobby. You can compromise your best vision and be accepting of what you see. However, some occupations require close work to be done in unusual positions or to read above your eye-level.

    The large and ever increasing usage of computers and mobile devices means that intermediate and near areas for many of us must be as large and distortion free as possible. Maybe you only require assistance with reading and your computer while your distance vision is perfect unaided.  Wohl Optics best assesses your requirements and expectations and will advise you as to which occupational lens option may suit you best. 

  • Musician Eyeglasses

    With a lifelong love of music, Doug Wohl has developed a unique understanding of the problems that musicians face with deteriorating eyesight. Being a musician is a “way of life”, and losing the ability to see properly can be devastating to a lifelong musician.

    • Musicians depend on their eyeglasses to work effectively at the right focal distance. Whether conducting the orchestra or playing an instrument, it’s crucial that a musician’s eyewear works in harmony with the distance required to perform. The solution - custom designed reading lengths for reading music. The solution is occupational glasses.
    • Many opticians provide a fixed focal length solution, which means you have to sit stock still at the right length away from the stand. If you are an expressive musician and you like the flexibility of moving about as you play, (playing an instrument is a physical activity after all), this solution is no good to you! The solution is occupational glasses.
    •  Musicians need to able to read music at varying lengths of distance away. No two stage setups are the same. The solution is occupational glasses.
    • Musicians need to look from side-to-side; for example, reading almost anything but 2"-wide newspaper columns?  The in-focus segment at the center of the glasses is literally about 1.5" wide at reading distance.  When musicians read music, they need to be able to scan with their eyes. The solution is occupational glasses.

    Your optician must understand the concerns and needs of musicians and their vision.  Check out. https://internationalmusician.org/how-to-take-care-of-your-eyes/

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