• Eyewear for Babies and Young Children 0-5 Years

  • Wohl Optics has introduced a new kid’s line of eyeglass frames to fill a specific need for babies and young children.  Parents usually feel helpless discovering that their young child has poor vision.  However, we want you to feel relieved because today is a new beginning for your child's better vision. 

    This line of eyeglass frames is custom fit for your child. Frames are fit to your child’s face, rather than your child fitting to the frame. 

    These are NOT just the same ole’ frame you see in every optical shop; they are quality, non-toxic and adjustable frames tailored for the utmost comfort and reliability for your children.

    Non-slip, Safe, Adjustable Eyeglasses for Children 6 months old to 5 Years Old

    • Frame material is non-toxic and approved by the FDA.
    • The frames are flexible, have excellent elasticity and do not break easily.
    • Extremely light frames.
    • Dushion on the tip that matches the complex curves of the ears and does not press on child's ears.
    • Adjustable temple.
    • Adjustable nose pad heights.  Every child’s face is unique, this feature allows the correct placement and height for each child to be achieved.
    • Adjustable head strap prevents glasses from slipping even with high-power lenses.
    • Nose pad fittings for all types and sizes of noses, e.g., baby, Asian, etc.
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