• Vision is a Cut Above with Computer Glasses

    Wohl Optics specialize in customizing progressive lenses to make occupational workplace glasses.  This is the latest technology and allows for clear vision of as much as 6 feet, along with with the benefits of regular reading glasses but in YOUR prescription. That’s right – they are almost like the progressives you already know about, but these workplace lenses have a much wider near and middle distance viewing range. These lenses are designed especially for those people doing more than four hours of computer work per day.

    If you find yourself, like so many others, having difficulty with your vision either while on the computer or at the end of your work day, be sure to ask Doug Wohl if computer-vision progressives are right for you.

    Widespread use of computing technology and electronic devices has caused us to develop symptoms of Visual Fatigue Syndrome (VFS) or Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). This means eyestrain, headaches, blurred vision and neck pain. Specialized computer glasses (also known as anti-fatigue eyewear) will relieve these symptoms and provide clear, comfortable vision for prolonged computer use and other activities.  

    Computer glasses have visual zones tailored to the movements of your eyes when you are working at your computer. They can also be individualized to meet your own personal requirements. Tiny points of detail can influence the quality of vision provided by your new glasses.  The more exact these processes are, the faster you will adapt to your new glasses. 

    This is why Wohl Optics recommends occupational glasses that offer a very large field of vision at close and intermediate distances.  Our goal is to make sure you enjoy optimum vision in precisely the range of vision your work requires. Your head and neck remain in a natural, relaxed position for the entire day.

    We all wear glasses to correct some kind of vision problem.  But not all glasses are right for all situations.  This is why you should make. If you wear prescription glasses, we are pretty sure you cannot use the same ones for driving, reading books or working on your computer.  Glasses often have the wrong focal point for computer use or are ill-suited for computer use. 

    If you're using bifocals or progressive lenses, you probably suffer muscle strain as you position your neck to use the narrow "middle band" within your prescription. Wohl Optics can have these new multifocals made so you have more space allotted for your computer distance.  

  • Are You Accepting Eye Strain?

    Are you accepting eye strain because you think there are no eyeglass solutions out there for you? How about that shoulder pain you have after spending 8 hours on a computer?

    Computer screens are everywhere! Whether it is the screen of your desktop at office…. or the screen of your laptop sitting on your lap or your tablet computer … or the screen of your television … or the screen of your mobile phone.  Screens are everywhere…. you cannot possibly escape them even if you wanted to. And do you know that our eyes aren’t even built to stare at screens all day long.

    Eyes become strained and irritated throughout your work day. Computer Vision Syndrome results from the high visual demands of computer work. This vision condition is caused by staring at a computer screen for long periods of time without proper eye protection.

    We suggest the 20-20-20 Rule.  For every 20 minutes of using your device, take a 20-second eye break and look at something beyond 20 feet.  If you follow the 20-20-20 Rule, you’ll alleviate stress and potential damage to your eyes.

  • Benefits of Computer Glasses

    1. You will not need separate glasses for reading and computer intermediate distance.
    2. Reduce migraines and eye-related neck and muscle aches.
    3. Fatigue-free eyes.
    4. Refreshed eyes that keep up with your workplace schedule.
    5. Maintain optimum eye-health and vision.

    Computer glasses can take several forms; that is why you should talk with Doug Wohl.  We are here to help you find the right pair of computer glasses for your everyday workplace needs.  Stop the eye, neck and back strain!

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