1. EYELINER: If you go bold with the frames, eyeliner helps eyes stand out behind the frames. Work close to the lash line, but don’t go inside the lash line! Remember this rule—thicker frames call for a thicker line.
    2. GLASSES SLIDE DOWN NOSE:  To keep your glasses from sliding down your nose, use an eye shadow primer or spray a little hairspray on your finger and touch your nose area.
    3. BB CREAMS AND FOUDATION:  Avoid red marks on the bridge of your nose when you take off your glasses. BB creams and BB Foundations will also help get rid of any uneven redness from the start, making your skin look really polished so that your eyes standout even more. 
    4. CONCEALER: Frames usually cast a shadow under your eye. Use concealer. Although you might think glasses hide your dark under eye circles, the lenses can actually magnify the circles and make them more obvious. Consider an under eye brightening concealer to counteract shadows.
    5. BLOT FOUNDATION:  Be sure to blot away excess foundation to keep your makeup from coming off onto your frames.   Foundation comes off on your glasses because you have too much moisturizer or foundation on from the start, so be sure to use thin layers of both to avoid foundation on your frames.
    6. SETTING POWDER: Dust on setting powder after foundation.  It will keep your glasses from sticking to your foundation and removing it when you do decide to take them off.
    7. EYEBROWS: Your glasses frame your eyes, but your eyebrows frame your glasses. Make sure you are using an eyebrow pencil to give yourself some real eyebrows.
    8. MASCARA: When using mascara, focus on the root area, not the tips of your eyelashes.  If the tips of your lashes are as heavy as the root, they will fall straight again, hitting your eyeglass lenses.  Mascara on eyeglasses is not a nice look.
    9. LIPSTICK AND BLUSH: Colored frames get even better when they are coordinated with makeup. If you are wearing peach frames, do not wear red lipstick or pink blush. Ever see a beautiful woman with red eyeglasses and red lipstick? It is a great look. Seriously, would you consider using orange lipstick with red frames?
    10. EYE SHADOW: Apply minimal eye shadow — and stick with neutral tones — to keep your eyes from looking too heavy in glasses..
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