• Single Vision Lenses - Single Focal Length

    Single vision lenses have a single focal length to correct one single vision condition. They correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatisms. These lenses have one amount of vision correction throughout the entire lens. In terms of single vision readers, full frame readers are the most common.

    You’ll also find single vision lenses in half frames which allow you to look over the lens itself.  They are narrower and sit at the end of your nose for easier up-close and distance viewing.

    Computer glasses are single vision lenses designed to deal with eyestrain caused by computer screens. They are one type of a selection of specialized eyewear depending on what you are focusing on.

    Progressive lenses correct more than one vision condition, with its focal power progressing from top to bottom - without a visible line separating them. They are multifocal.

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