• Eyeglass Maintenance

    Eyeglass maintenance means checking your eyeglass frames to see if they are misaligned, and to test for loose screws in the frame arms. If the eyeglass frame looks twisted, or if your lenses seem to ride uneven on your nose, then it’s time to drop in to Wohl Optics for a free adjustment. Adjust early, adjust often.

    It’s a good idea to stop by to have your eyeglass frames adjusted. We will re-adjust your frames, whether you purchased your glasses from us or not. Even a slight adjustment can make an important difference in your healthy vision. Don’t try this at home. Adjusting your eyeglass frames is not a do-it-yourself job. We are trained to know how your lenses need to be positioned relative to your eye. Also, an eyeglass frame can contain fragile materials and design elements. You might just snap them in your effort to fix them. That means no bending of frame arms!

    When Your Glasses are Not on Your Face, Keep Them in a Case

    When it comes to caring for your eyeglasses, there is a rule that will give you years of optimum performance from your glasses: If they are not on your face, keep them in a case. Simple, right? Or easier said than done?

    Do not leave prescription glasses unprotected in a purse, jacket pocket or bag. We repeat, nothing beats a sturdy protective case for preventing scratches on your lenses or even more serious damage to your lenses and frames. Proper storage also helps to keep your prescription eyeglasses clean.  We strongly recommend a hard, solid case to store your eyeglass frames

    Eyewear Care Goes a Long Way to Protect your Glasses and to Ensure your Best Vision

    1. If setting your glasses on a table or desk, Do close your frames first before laying them down.
    2. Do set eyeglasses frame-side down to avoid scratching the lenses.
    3. Do have frames adjusted at least once or twice per year.  We suggest you come in every 3-4 months and let us We will examine them for wear and tear, tighten any loose screws, adjust the fit again, just as if it were the day you bought them and make them just like new.
    4. Do take eyeglasses off using two hands to keep earpieces straight and in the right alignment. Taking them off one-handed stretches them out and makes them loose on your face.
    5. Do not leave your glasses or sunglasses lying out in the hot sun or on the dash or console of your car. You will distort the lenses AND the frames. Would you leave your computer in the hot sun?
    6. Do not put your eye glasses on your head. The frames can become misaligned and certainly stretched when you do this, affecting the way you see through your lenses. Not only will you distort the shape, there is a greater chance of them falling off and getting damaged.
    7. Do not push glasses up on your nose by sticking your finger on the nose piece (right between your eyes) if they are wire-framed. This causes stress on the nose pads, and the center part of the frame, and if they are any color but silver, it wears the finish off them. This can be very conspicuous at that spot. Instead, grasp the lenses by putting your thumb at the bottom and fingers at the top, and then move them to where you want them to sit on your face.
    8. Do be careful with the saline solution near your frames. Saline has salt and these salt water spots can end up on eyeglasses, the result of the accidental spill can dry into a white residue. This is actually salt crystals forming. Do not leave the saline residue spots on the eyeglasses as salt water is corrosive. It can erode some of the coatings that have been applied to the surface of your glasses. If it is not possible to clean the glasses right away, be sure that they are rinsed off immediately. They should then be cleaned thoroughly.
    Wohl Optics give you free maintenance for the lifetime of eyeglasses including nose pad and screw replacement, temple and frame front realignment custom to you.
  • How to Clean Your Eyeglasses

    1. Do wash your eyewear. We suggest you gently rub your lenses clean with your fingers using warm, soapy water. This removes all grease or oil. Rinse the lenses and then pat them dry with a clean, soft cloth.  If you no longer have the one Wohl Optics gave you when you were in the shop, stop in and we will give you another.
    2. Do not rub prescription lenses with rags, facial tissues or paper towels or your tie or scarf; all of these can scratch your lenses.
    3. Do not use household cleaners such as Windex, acetone or soaps with cream as chemicals can damage your frames, your lenses, lens treatments and coatings. 
    4. When you are not using the microfiber cloth, do put it in the eyeglass case. This is because if it collects dust, it will scratch the lenses, rather than clean them.
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