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  • Doug Wohl

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    Doug Wohl, Optician

    In 1999, Doug opened up his own retail and wholesale optical business with its own lens cutting laboratory - Wohl Optics on Street Road in Warminster, PA.  Doug Wohl (pronounced "Wall") has been an Optician and Business Entrepreneur since 1985.  His business experience includes a wide range of management and dispensing experience from small eyewear boutiques, optical store chains and large Ophthalmology practices.

  • Doug's experience, caring approach, and ability to assist patients in the selection of their new eyewear and lenses are vital components of the optical department.  He runs the Optical Laboratory, which involves cutting, edging and finishing lenses for his own patients as well as other optometrists and opticians in the area.

    Doug takes the time to get to know you, your eye care history and your vision needs. He will always recommend frames which will flatter your face best. But there are no limits in styles here because he is also knowledgeable in incorporating elements of the all different shapes and designs to still meet your personal style. You are unique; we want to ensure that your glasses are a reflection of this.

    Making each individual pair of glasses requires a number of work steps that are done by hand to ensure the highest quality. Wohl opticians personally grind your lenses in our workshop. All eyeglass repairs and lens cutting/edging are done in-house. In this way, you are guaranteed long-lasting satisfaction and the best prices with your finished eyewear and lenses.

  • Musician

    Doug Wohl, Musician

    Doug Wohl started playing saxophone in 5th grade. He played in various groups during high school.  After graduating from William Tennent High School, he was accepted to study music at the Berklee College of Music. However, young Doug decided to join the Navy.  He spent the majority of his military career on Nuclear Fast Attack Submarines. Doug was a plank owner and stationed on the (SSN 705) USS City of Corpus Christi in Groton CT.

  • He put the sax down for twenty-five years to earn a living and raise his son. One day, his brother asked Doug to teach his nephew to play the saxophone. He picked up the horn with a vengeance and now plays Baritone and Alto Saxophone in various groups.  

    In addition to playing with the Delaware Valley Symphony Quartet, Doug plays with the Doylestown Heat Big Band, Standard Time Jazz Ensemble, Delaware Valley University Symphonic and Jazz Bands and various other charity and nonprofit groups.

    Based in Bucks County, the Delaware Valley Saxophone Quartet has performed for more than seven years in locations ranging from the Constitution Center in Philadelphia to summer concerts on Nantucket.

    Always a person who gives back to others, Doug has been instrumental in setting up, establishing and running a non-profit music program for children in our local Bucks County, PA area.

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