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    Put your Vision into Focus with Wohl Optics, Warminster, PA

    Welcome to Wohl Optics, Warminster, PA’s your go-to provider of all things eyewear and vision care with leading-edge technology and superior customer service to deliver quality products at competitive prices.

    Get the Look that Fits your Face and Lifestyle at the Best Price

    Get the Look that Fits your Face and Lifestyle at the Best Price

    With our digital lens production and independent lines of frames made in Italy and the Netherlands (C-Zone, Miyagi, Fysh and Lisa Loeb and Carrera collections), you can be styling and have have crisp, clear vision. They don't call us an independent small local business for nothing! Don't pay for large company advertising.

    Get the Right Prescription for Your Best Vision

    Prescription lens FIT most important for you to have the best vision.

    Eyeglasses can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia, but prescription FIT is most important for your best vision. You need an experienced optician for your best fit.

    Local Optical Lab -  Cutting and Finishing

    Local Optical Lab - Cutting and Finishing

    Wohl Optics started business as an optical cutting and finishing lab for opticians and optometrists. Shop local and skip the big guys' advertising and overhead expenses. Why not go to the source and save yourself some money when you need eyeglasses, contacts or replacement lenses?

  • For over 25 years, we’ve been proud to serve the Bucks County, PA and tri-state areas. With affordable and high quality eye care, Wohl Optics cares for our patients' vision and eye health needs. We are happy to take all major vision insurance carriers.

    Wohl Optics can help you look good and see great with a wide selection of custom fitted glasses. You can select from budget frames, designer frames, sport goggles, sunglasses, and many lens options including no-line bifocals, transitions, ultrathin lenses and more.

    At Wohl Optics, no appointment is necessary and outside prescriptions can be filled. Visit our conveniently located shop and see the difference when an experienced certified optician helps you choose the right frame for you.

    Call us today (215) 443-7706.

    • High Quality, Up to Date, Affordable Frames for your entire family 
    • Replacement Eyeglass Lenses, e.g., Occupational Lenses, Progressives, Bifocals, Readers that are right for BOTH eyes to avoid eye strain and headaches, Specialized Eyewear that include Computer Glasses, Sport Eyewear, Golfing Glasses, Hobby Glasses, Musician Glasses, etc.
    • Contact Lenses
    • Frame Repair
    • Safety Glasses
    • On-site Optical Lens Lab
  • Wohl Optics | Eyewear, Eye Care, Optical Lens Lab in Bucks County, PA

    We are a passionate eyewear and eye care veteran-owned business with a following of 25 years in Bucks County, PA. Doug Wohl is the owner with extensive experience using the latest lens technologies and years spent manufacturing, repairing and finishing lenses for your eyeglasses. Wohl Optics also makes eyeglass lenses for other doctors. They don't call us a small local independent optician for nothing! Don't pay for the big guys' advertising. Save that money for treating yourself right! If you have been thinking of ordering eyeglasses online, please think again. Prescription lens FIT is the most important part for your best vision.

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  • Wohl Optics Vision Care - Optician, Lens Lab, Eyeglass Repair

    Wohl Optics is your family vision care, eyewear and optician practice in Warminster, Bucks County, PA.  Our goal is to help you achieve and maintain the most clear vision possible at the best price. We have been your Bucks County neighbor for 20 years where personal attention is our priority.  Correct prescription and proper fit is most important for your best vision. We take the time to do this with you. Our personal, customized services meet all of your optical needs – and then some.

    Wohl Optics has upgraded our lab and we stock most all of your frame lenses. With our digital lens production and entirely new independent lines of frames made in Italy and the Netherlands (C-Zone, Miyagi, Fysh and Lisa Loeb and Carrera collections), you can be styling knowing you won't miss out on our local sights because you'll have crisp, clear vision.

    Computer Vision Syndrome aka Digital Eye Strain is expected to grow as more people use smartphones and other handheld digital devices. When you hold a device closer to your eyes, it forces your eyes to work harder than usual as they strain to focus on tiny words. Digital devices may also be linked to eye fatigue because you tend to blink less often when looking at a computer screen. Please get the proper custom computer glasses for your precise vision.

    Background:  25 years ago, Doug Wohl established this wholesale optical lens lab serving doctors in the Philadelphia, Montgomery County and Bucks County areas.  We expanded the optical lab to handle lens cutting, finishing and edging for other opticians and optometrists across the Country. During this time, not only did we provide for eye care professionals, but we also passed those savings onto you.

    Wohl Optics Difference:  Unlike many retail optical shops, Doug Wohl is the owner and has extensive experience with all new lens technologies, as well as trained opticians with extensive time spent manufacturing, repairing and finishing all varieties of optical needs. We are the people who make the eyeglass lenses for other doctors.  Patient relationships are our highest priority.

    No pressure!  Come in, sit down, we can just talk.  We will perform a free eyeglass adjustment to straighten, tighten and diagnose if there are problem areas or things that will avoid future problems with your eyewear.  This is Wohl's frame front realignment custom to you as the wearer. We replace nose pads and will clean residue buildup from skin or other material.  Walk-ins are always welcome.

  • See Doug Wohl for the latest in contact lenses, as well as an extensive selection of stylish, high quality, affordable, eyeglass frames and sunglass carrying frames from budget to designer.  We are constantly updating our frame collection to bring you the most fashionable and current frames at the best value prices.

    We have come to know our local Bucks County PA neighbors very well; most of our patients have been with us for over 10 years. Count on Doug Wohl to help you select the perfect pair of glasses that fit your face, lifestyle needs and your budget - we call them our "works of art."  We provide custom design lens lengths (specialized eyewear) for computer technology users to musicians and every vision purpose in between.

  • Maintain Eye Health and Clear Vision

  • Optometrist Eye Exam

    Important part of your complete preventative healthcare and wellness. This eye exam is not just about a prescription for glasses or contacts; that is a vision refraction. Many health conditions are first diagnosed during an eye exam, long before any noticeable symptoms, e.g., heart conditions. Many vision problems and eye diseases can be treated with early detection.

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  • Prescription Lenses

    Single Vision, Bifocals, Trifocals, Progressive Lenses, High Definition Progressive Lenses, Computer Glasses, Glasses for Children, Sunglass, Reading Glasses, Specialty Eyewear - Glass Lenses, Trivex, Plastic Lenses, Polycarbonate, Safety

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  • Contact Lens Exam and Fitting

    Evaluate your eyes for contact lens wear. If your eye health makes you a candidate, you will have a contact lens fitting and consultation. With so many contact lens choices, this consultation is a discussion about your lifestyle and preferences regarding contact lenses.

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  • Eyeglass Repair

    Your eyeglass frames are broken. Screws needed? Broken hinge? Need new nose pads? What do you do now? Bring them to Wohl Optics. We like to tinker and will most likely be able to repair your misfortune, possibly with original parts or a low cost substitution.


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  • When choosing eyeglass frames, the shape and size of the frame should enhance the color of your eyes, complement your skin tone and play up the best features of your face shape.  Most people need more than one pair of glasses - everyday wear, computer eyeglasses, reading glasses and another for outdoor activities. Having different style frames for different activities and moods makes wearing glasses fun.

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  • Replacement Eyeglass Lenses

    When buying eyeglass lenses, there is no substitute for expert advice and guidance.  Selecting the right eyeglass lens or replacement lens for existing frames depends largely on its function. Single vision, lined bi-focal, progressive, glass, plastic, polycarbonate, aspheric, Trivex, high index plastic, UV protection, anti-reflective coating, polarized, tinted, scratch resistant - so many options. Buying eyeglass lenses can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. The key is getting accurate, unbiased eyeglass lens information from sources you can trust

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