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    Independent Optician Business

    As independent opticians, we choose the frames in our inventory and provide frames for glasses and sunglasses from many designer brands, as well as a wide range of affordable frames. Quality – We always carry the highest quality prescription lenses. Budget – We look for high quality frames and lenses to suit every budget, with extremely competitive prices.

    Eyeglasses that Fit your Face, Lifestyle and BUDGET

    Eyeglasses that Fit your Face, Lifestyle and BUDGET

    With our digital lens production and independent lines of frames made in Italy and the Netherlands (C-Zone, Miyagi, Fysh and Lisa Loeb and Carrera collections), you will be styling AND have crisp, clear vision. They don't call us an independent small local business for nothing!

    Get the Right Prescription for Your Best Vision

    Prescription Lens FIT Ensures your Best Vision

    Eyeglass prescription FIT is most important for your best vision. Talk with Doug Wohl who cuts most lenses in-house and ensures your best lens fit.He has extensive experience using the latest lens technologies and years spent manufacturing, repairing and finishing lenses for your eyeglasses. Wohl Optics makes eyeglass lenses for other doctors.

    Optical Lens Lab -  Cutting and Finishing

    Optical Lens Lab - Cutting and Finishing

    Wohl Optics started business 25 years ago as an optical cutting and finishing lab for opticians and optometrists. Why not go to the source and save money when you need eyeglasses, repairs, contacts or replacement lenses?

  • Covid-19 Safety - One-on-One Personalized Consultations

    COVID-19 Safety Protocol Guidelines mean personalized eyewear shopping by appointments only! Wohl Optics will accomodate your schedule during the day, as well as in evenings and weekends. We take proper safety precautions such as thoroughly disinfecting between patients and seeing one person at a time. Please check out our updated safety procedures and let's all work together.

    Please read our updated policies and procedures to ensure everyone's health and safety as a result of COVID-19.

  • Wohl Optics Vision Care - Optician, Lens Lab, Eyeglass Repair

    Wohl Optics is your family vision care, eyewear and optician practice in Warminster, Bucks County, PA.  Our goal is to help you achieve and maintain the best vision possible at the best price. We have been your Bucks County local small business neighbor for 20 years where personal attention is our top priority.

    Correct prescription and proper fit is most important for your best vision. We take the time to do this with you. Our personal, customized services meet all of your optical needs – and then some.

    Wohl Optics has upgraded our optical lens lab and we stock most all of your frame lenses. With our digital lens production and entirely new independent lines of frames made in Italy and the Netherlands (C-Zone, Miyagi, Fysh and Lisa Loeb and Carrera collections), you can be styling with crisp, clear vision.

  • Wohl Optics Opticians | Eyeglasses, Eye Care, Optical Lens Lab, Replacement Lenses

    Veteran-owned optician shop with a following of 20 years right here in Bucks County, PA. As your local independent optician, you won't pay the big guys' advertising. Save that money for treating yourself right! If you have been thinking of ordering eyeglasses online, please think again. Prescription lens FIT is the most important part for your best vision.

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  • Computer Vision Syndrome aka Digital Eye Strain is expected to grow as more people use smartphones and other handheld digital devices. When you hold a device closer to your eyes, it forces your eyes to work harder than usual as they strain to focus on tiny words. Digital devices may also be linked to eye fatigue because you tend to blink less often when looking at a computer screen. Please get the proper custom computer glasses for your precise vision.

    Background:  20 years ago, Doug Wohl established this wholesale optical lens lab serving doctors in the Philadelphia, Montgomery County and Bucks County areas.  We expanded the optical lab to handle lens cutting, finishing and edging for other opticians and optometrists across the Country. During this time, not only did we provide for eye care professionals, but we also passed those savings onto you.

    Wohl Optics Difference:  Unlike many retail optical businesses, Doug Wohl is the owner with extensive experience in the latest lens technologies. He is dedicated to helping you find frames that will feel comfortable and suit your face and personality. Honesty is always the best policy, so we will always advise on whether we feel frames look good or bad. Our in-house optical lens lab even makes lenses for other doctors.

    Better Fitting Lenses – We believe that fitting lenses requires a qualified optician to allow you to achieve optimal vision. Our opticians are highly experienced in fitting lenses and will always provide advice on choosing the right lens for you.

    Brands – In contrast to most opticians, as an independent optician, we can choose the range of frames that we stock and can provide frames for glasses and sunglasses from many designer brands, as well as a wide range of affordable frames.

  • How to Maintain Eye Health and Clear Vision

  • Optometrist Eye Exam

    Important part of your complete preventative healthcare and wellness. This eye exam is not just about a prescription for glasses or contacts; that is a vision refraction. Many health conditions are first diagnosed during an eye exam, long before any noticeable symptoms, e.g., heart conditions. Many vision problems and eye diseases can be treated with early detection.

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  • Prescription Lenses

    Single Vision, Bifocals, Trifocals, Progressive Lenses, High Definition Progressive Lenses, Computer Glasses, Glasses for Children, Sunglass, Reading Glasses, Specialty Eyewear - Glass Lenses, Trivex, Plastic Lenses, Polycarbonate, Safety

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  • Contact Lens Exam and Fitting

    Evaluate your eyes for contact lens wear. If your eye health makes you a candidate, you will have a contact lens fitting and consultation. With so many contact lens choices, this consultation is a discussion about your lifestyle and preferences regarding contact lenses.

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  • Eyeglass Repair

    Your eyeglass frames are broken. Screws needed? Broken hinge? Need new nose pads? What do you do now? Bring them to Wohl Optics. We like to tinker and will most likely be able to repair your misfortune, possibly with original parts or a low cost substitution.


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  • Frames Discount Designer Italian for Men and Women

    When choosing eyeglass frames, the shape and size of your frame should enhance the color of your eyes, complement your skin tone and play up the best features of your face shape.  Most people need more than one pair of glasses - everyday wear, computer eyeglasses, reading glasses and another for outdoor activities. Having different style frames for different activities and moods makes wearing glasses fun.

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  • Replacement Eyeglass Lenses

    When buying eyeglass lenses, there is no substitute for expert advice and guidance.  Selecting the right eyeglass lens or replacement lens for frames depends largely on their function. Single vision, lined bifocal, progressive, glass, plastic, polycarbonate, aspheric, Trivex, high index plastic, UV protection, anti-reflective coating, polarized, tinted, scratch resistant - so many options. Buying eyeglass lenses can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. The key is getting accurate, unbiased eyeglass lens information from sources you can trust

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