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    Wohl Optics believes everyone deserves to see well and have healthy eyes. Our mission is to exceed the expectations of all of our patients by creating a warm, fun environment and providing an exceptional level of eyecare service to the wonderful people of Bucks County, PA. We’d love to get to know you, provide the sharpest vision you could imagine, and help you choose the perfect eyewear for your lifestyle.

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  • Thank you so much for the fantastic eyewear. I love both pairs (and so does my husband). It is such an incredible feeling to finally be able to see comfortably when I go outside in the sun! Both pairs looks and feel great. Your taking my eye insurance helped a lot. Thank you.

    Peter H

  • I lost a nut that held the left hinge of my eyeglasses. I Yelp'd and found this place. Doug the owner could not have been more accommodating and professional! He fixed my glasses and even took the time to look at and fix the bent frame of my other pair. I'll certainly be back when it's time for my annual eye check up.

    Rebecca M

  • The level of customer service was first rate! Dr. Gouger was friendly and thorough during the eye exam. Doug, the owner, was very friendly, honest and welcoming. I really appreciated the time to talk through every detail of my replacement lenses, from the options to the fitting. Definitely worth the time and travel to visit his cozy storefront in Warminster. I will be going to him again for all my future eyeglass needs.

    Merv A

  • Was in to see Doug Wohl this past week and I'm so glad that I have changed opticians and optometrist to go to Wohl Optics. I have had trouble with progressive prescription eyeglasses elsewhere and never really adjusted to them. Douglas was able to get me into progressive eyeglasses where I could see distance and read perfectly. Very friendly and pricing was much less than any other place that I have been. Saved me from going to the mall. Truly knows what he is doing when it comes to eyes, Eyeglasses and contact lenses. Source: YELP

    Margie K

  • Doug Wohl is a local small business optician in Warminster, PA. He is very personable and sees his customers as friends, going out of his way to special order a frame I had in mind for myself. He adjusted other frames I had purchased from one of the mall opticians. Didn't matter to him that I did not buy them from him. He just makes sure my eyes and eyeglasses are healthy and my vision is clear. I will never go anyplace else. Worth the trip to Bucks County if you are not local. If you are local, if his hours are not within your schedule, he'll make an appointment that suits your schedule. He did that for me. 5 STARS all the way. This is the way businesses used to be run. Source: YELLOW PAGES

    Jerry H

  • I have been a patient of Doug Wohl for about 5 years now. He cuts his own lenses and has been a very big help advising me what eyeglasses to wear in my work as a mechanic and for non work use. I used to wear lenses that darkened as I went outside but then it took so long for them to change back to clear as I came inside. Very frustrating. Doug makes you feel like you have know him a long time and he's always so pleasant. He is not only very knowledgeable, but also gives personalized service, something I have only found n a privately owned business.

    Frank R

  • Even if you don't live in Pennsylvania you can still fill your prescriptions from Wohl Optics at a great price. Instead of trying to save a bit of money buying your glasses online from who knows where, I feel confident getting my glasses at Wohl because they're in America and have a physical store. I refilled my second prescription there at a good price and any questions I had, their customer service were knowledgeable and courteous. Doug Wohl has been in the optical business for over 20 years. He does not just dispense eye wear; he cuts the lenses and does work that is outsourced by optometrists and ophthalmologists. It's a place where you can go and feel comfortable and he is honest with his low pricing and what he recommends. Source: KUDZU

    Jay Douglas

  • Doug has done my glasses for years. He is responsive, his workmanship is excellent, and his prices are very fair. His company is the only place I buy my eye wear. Great guy, great products, great service!

    Tim K

  • A+: If you are looking for an attentive, professional and high quality service, look no further. Thank you Doug! Not only did you fit lenses to frames that I brought in...but you went above and beyond "customer service" standards. Thank you for the incredible service and exceptional kindness.

    Drew V

  • My son and I as first time customers could not be more pleased with Doug and Wohl Optics. I recommend this establishment to anyone who needs eyeglasses etc. You will not be disappointed.

    Marc P

  • Been going to Wohl Optics for 10 years now and have had nothing but the best.

    Megan K

  • Highly recommend Wohl Optics. Both Doug and the eye doctor were very professional and friendly. They took the time to discuss and really examine my vision, offering corrections and adjustments to both my contacts and glasses prescriptions. The best part was the care taken with my glasses which were finished in just a few days and look great! Will happily go back to them! Thank you fit being a great local business I can support and recommend!

    Sean W

  • These guys are awesome. Doug provided great after-sale support and was always good about returning calls. I had my own set of frames filled with a prescription that I provided from an eye doctor in California -- basically mail order service. Total turnaround time was about 1 week including mailing both directions from across the country. This is faster than most lensmakers that I've dealt with locally.

    Steve A

  • I had the lenses in my sunglasses replaced (and my computer glasses too). Doug took time to explain why polarized lenses were better for me and he was right! Great service, great value! And, I got them in about a week which was awesome! Best part was seeing an old friend and giving patronage to a local small business! If you need new glasses, I highly recommend Wohl Optics!!

    Fran H

  • Great service! Repaired a frame for me and informative. I will be in soon to buy new frames and also see if my old Prada glasses can have lenses replaced. Thank you Doug!

    Carol J

  • Wohl Optics, awesome, I broke my favorite frames. Doug helped me for the 2nd time finding my favorite designer frames cheaper. Everyone else in the area was priced much higher. Thanks Doug!!

    Michele M

  • I ordered my glasses on Wednesday and picked them up today. I have six pairs of glasses from Wohl's. He listens to me and makes me glasses for everything I need. One for computer, one for sewing and watching TV, reading glasses. I can't use progressive glasses. He solved all my needs.

    Beth A

  • I'm a first time customer, and I believe I will be a repeat customer. Doug first and foremost LISTENED to me! I know, how rare is that?!? He does his own lab work and from personal experience that is a skill and talent to take in consideration when looking for your vision needs. There was no wait, and it was quick and easy. Thank you Doug for your happy, knowledgeable service, unlike my past experiences at "blank" it was a pleasure.

    Pam W

  • I've been going to Wohl Optics for a few years now and they've always taken great care of me. Their pricing is competitive, they always have a good variety of eye glasses and sunglasses, and the optometrist is located right at their location. The owner, Doug Wohl, is extremely knowledgeable and friendly and will go the extra mile for you.
    I would highly recommend them to anyone!

    D J Dave B

  • My wife and I have been going to Wohl Optics for many years and have always received great service. I recommend going to Wohl Optics for all your eyewear and eye check-ups. Doug always goes above and beyond.

    Joe W

  • Our family's been going to Doug for years. His customer service is first rate. He always takes the time to explain all the options available and gives us plenty of time to ask questions and try on different glasses and frames. I never feel rushed having to make decisions. Highly recommended.

    Dave P

  • Doug is great! Really truly cares and helpful! I narrowed it down from 8 pairs of glasses! Yes 8 and he was very patient and helped me to decide! The eye exam, optometrist was very informational.

    Rachel B

  • My 20 year old son who had a horrible accident in January 2014 and has major eye trauma went to Wohl today to get glasses made for the first time since the accident and they are AMAZING. I've NEVER seen so much care and compassion as what I've seen here.....No way would you ever see me going ANYWHERE else. Thanks Wohl optics for all your help.

    Shirley W

  • Dougs been doing my glasses and contacts for years. Always does a great job and quick too!

    Cindy M

  • Just got my glasses and I absolutely adore them. I've never enjoyed wearing glasses until I got this pair. Best glasses I've ever owned. Super light. Super durable. Thank you do much Doug.

    Kristen K

  • Bought glasses for myself and wife. Doug had them done same day and we are highly satisfied. We will be repeat customers.

    Bruce S

  • Love my new glasses from Wohl Optics and I can SEE!!! Already a repeat customer....sure to be back again!

    Janis P

  • I just love it so much and I thank god I got my new glasses. Everybody in here is so informational thank you every body here at Wohl Optics

    Isabelle W

  • I absolutely love the service I always get at Wohl optics.

    Stacy L

  • Very nice, friendly, knowledgeable and reasonably priced!!!!

    Jennifer G

  • Corneal Hypoxia or Lack of Oxygen to Your Eyes – one of Wohl Optics contact lens wearers tells her story. This is the text as taken from a video testimonial.

    "I'm publicly shaming myself for being stupid with my contact usage. Doug Wohl warned me about sleeping in them, but my friends did and they did not have a problem.

    I left my contacts in constantly, sleeping in them all the time. It never seemed to bother my eyes and my eyes looked perfect. I'd heard horror stories, but those were rare occurrences and wouldn't happen to me. Well, I woke up one morning last summer and my eye was really bothering me.

    Everything that happened after that was a really long and painful ordeal, but basically my eye turned really red and became incredibly sensitive to light. I had to blindfold myself because even if there was light near my closed eyes, it was extremely painful. Anyway, apparently wearing my contacts too much had caused not enough oxygen to get to my eye, and something happened with the blood vessels that caused an ulcer to form on my eye (or something medical like that).

    Wohl Optics sent me to Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia, PA to see a cornea specialist. I was given really strong eye drops that I had to put in every hour for the next few weeks, and slowly my vision started to come back, thankfully. My eye stayed red for long into my recovery, but eventually everything healed and you can't notice anything now.

    I hope that you contact-wearers of the world are smarter than I am and don't need to be told to be responsible with your eyes. But just in case you aren't, this ordeal was extremely painful, scary to hear doctors talk about trying to save my vision and just really not fun. Most important, don't think that you're fine just because nothing seems to be wrong. I had perfect vision one day, and woke up the next morning with an eyeball from hell.

    Any questions or problems, I knew Doug was easy to reach and very responsive. I was ashamed to tell him what had happened, but he was very compassionate. I hope you learn from my experience and are smart about wearing contact lenses."

  • Great place for all your glasses and contacts needs. Owner is very friendly and knowledgeable.

    Ilya R

  • I am so tired of chain stores where employees do not care. Wohl Optics is a small business where I have always been treated like family. Unlike mall optical shops, Doug Wohl greets me with a warm smile and is glad to see me. Never does he say, "can I help you?" or tell me what frames to try on. Doug handles my insurance paperwork, goes the extra mile always, makes adjustments on my frames and truly cares. He's very honest and always eager to help and he is the only person to fit my progressive lenses properly - it's difficult because of my posture, which other optician noticed. Doug noticed that I tilted my head back, which meant I was always looking through the intermediate area on progressives. No wonder I would not see clearly! I will never go anyplace else; he never tries selling me brand lenses which are over-priced or designer frames. I usually have my own frames but need frequent replacement lenses, computer glasses, sunglasses and readers. Pricing is the lowest I have ever found; it helps that he cuts his own lenses. Source: YELP

    Gail W

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