• Eyeglass Repairs

    Wohl Optics offers eyeglass repairs such as soldering,  titanium welds and routine maintenance of your eyeglasses which include diagnosing problems from accidents that come up, reshaping and readjusting the frame to custom fit to your face, cleaning and tightening of all screws and spring hinges.  Everyday wear and tear takes a toll on your glasses. They become loose, crooked or out of alignment. 

    Wohl replaces nylon in semi-rimless frames. We also can fix your drill mounted Silhouette frame or any drill mounted frame we can make a custom shape lens to change your look to go with your fashion tastes. when you lose a temple (arm) when the pressure mount loosens or gives way. Replacement nose pads and adjustments are just part of the service.

    If you get a small, shallow scratch on a lens, before using a polishing kit to buff the scratch out, Call Doug Wohl. at (215) 443-7706. Over the counter eyeglass repair kits can be harmful for lenses with certain coatings, so please ask us first to avoid harming your glasses.

    If you notice a deep scratch, see us for a replacement lens.

  • Glasses Repair

    Walking around with glasses that are super-glued, taped or repaired at home can be dangerous for your eyes and will not look good! By taking your glasses to a professional, you will save time, money and further frustrations!

  • With over 25 years in the optical business, we perform all types of repairs on all types of glasses. We know the value of your favorite eyeglasses and Doug Wohl will help get your glasses back in shape.

    1. Bridge Replacements
    2. Bridge Welds
    3. Broken Bridge Repair
    4. Drill and Tap Screw Repairs
    5. Drill mount Lens Replacement
    6. Eye Wire or Flashing Barrel Welds
    7. Eye Wire Welds
    8. Flashing Hinge Welds
    9. Flexon Frame Welds
    10. Lens Replacement
    11. Pad Arm Welds
    12. Replacement of Scratched Lenses
    13. Scratch Removal
    14. Screw Replacements
    15. Stainless Steel Frame Welds
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