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  • High Definition Progressives

  • HD Digital Progressive Lenses The Latest Technology for Optimum Vision

    The advances of the newest Digital or High Definition Progressives or HD Progressives will improve your vision significantly, giving you much more peripheral vision than ever before.  High-definition lenses can potentially give you sharper vision than you’ve ever had before with eyeglasses. These customized lenses are designed to provide sharper vision in all lighting conditions and reduce glare for nighttime driving and other night vision tasks.

    Recently, the Digital (High-Definition), also known as free-form, Progressive Lens technology has taken Progressives to a new level.  HD Lenses give you up to 40% larger clear fields of view and deliver superior edge-to-edge clarity.

    Digital Progressive Lens designs give the best optical view when your optical needs and lifestyle are considered.  The major difference between digital and traditional is digital’s ability to do custom regions within a lens to suit an individual. Digital progressives ensure the most precise prescription based on the shape of your face, how you prefer to wear your frame and the position of your eyes.

    While Traditional Progressives are produced using pre-molded designs, where the same design is used for every application, the new, Digital (HD) Progressives are fully customized. The digital lenses are produced by a method which allows the ideal front surface and the ideal back surface to be produced for the purpose desired.

    In essence, your specific applications (Rx, frame type, lens material, use, etc) are taken into account to produce a lens with wider fields of view and smoother vision. Therefore, anyone ordering lenses online or using an inexperienced optician will run into vision problems and will probably think it is the fault of Progressive Lenses. The fault is with that optician or order-taker.

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