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  • Prescription Glasses Online

  • You Do NOT Always Get What You Have Paid for When Buying Glasses Online

    When it comes to clear vision, buying a pair of glasses "off the rack" just doesn't cut it - especially since each individual patient has unique requirements. For that reason, at Wohl Optics we understand the importance of providing our patients with personal, professional and detailed advice.

    If you have been thinking of ordering eyeglasses online, please think again. Eyeglasses are NOT "one size fits all." Prescription fit is the most important aspect of vision.  How can this be done online?

    Eyeglasses are a custom product, with decades of technology put into every custom pair you are fit by a real optician.  Every pair of glasses must be custom fit by an experienced optician to ensure comfort, quality and prescription accuracy. If you are thinking of ordering eyeglasses online, please be careful. According to a recent study by the American Optometric Association, over half of the eyeglasses ordered online are inaccurate prescriptions or have safety issues. 

    We're here to help you with our many years of experience. 

  • Another problem with buying glasses online is that you have no optician at your house to assess what part of the lens you’re looking through. Generally, when you order online, the company puts the vertical center of vision (as opposed to the horizontal center of vision, which is the PD, or pupillary distance) in the geometric center of the lens. 

    Eyeglasses that are not properly fit will result in discomfort, additional vision problems, headaches, and stress. You'll find Wohl Optics prices are comparable AND you get personal attention to ensure your vision is the best it can be - no guesswork.  

    • Unsurpassed fitting and prescription accuracy, especially if you have had a hard time getting an eyeglass prescription that works for you.
    • Extensive experience with all new lens technologies, as well as decades of training and knowledge manufacturing, repairing and finishing all things optical-related. 
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