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  • Cutting, Finishing and Edging in Wohl's Local Optical Lab

    Having an on-site optical lens laboratory permits us to offer a timely turnaround on your purchased products. In some instances, we can have your glasses ready the same day. Our laboratory offers the most current instrumentation, allowing us to manufacture lenses to fit any frame. From here, we can customize your lenses to include tinting, anti-reflective coating, ultraviolet protection and many other options. All of these features are available due the success and availability of our on-site lab.

    We precisely cut, edge and finish all of the newest lens materials, including Trivex and Polyurethane. We service Opticians, Optometrists, and Ophthalmologists across the Country.   

    We have been an industry leader in quality, price and service since 1999, servicing independent eye care professionals. The quality of the surfacing and other lab services we provide is high because of the experience and the expertise of our laboratory technician. Doug Wohl personally will cut, polish and grind stock lenses according to each eyeglass prescription.

    • Lens Edge Finishing - Edging also includes glass lenses.  Glass lens finishing capabilities are not common. We are capable of executing all the latest beveling profiles necessary for today’s frames. Finishing, tempering and impact-testing compliance of glass jobs is performed in our secondary location nearby. 
    • Free-Form Lens Processing  - We are seeing a renewed interest in glass lenses because of their ease of care.  Wohl Optics provides this service to other optical professionals and doctors.
    • Uncuts

    We grind:

    • Drivewear
    • Hi Index Glass
    • Plastic
    • Polarized
    • Polycarbonate
    • Transitions
    • Trivex

    Our Lens Laboratory offers fast turnaround service on all prescription eyeglass orders. Bifocals, single vision and progressive lenses are just a few of the prescriptive lenses we create at our optical laboratory in Bucks County, PA.